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Marriage Forever


Marriage Forever is a program that was designed by Larry Bengtson, M.S.E.,L.P.C.C., to help couples who are in crisis save their marriage from divorce.It is also used to help couples improve their marriage and move towards a deeper sense of closeness, connection and intimacy.Marriages Forever is a compilation of 20 years of experience and research working with marriages.



The 6 major content areas include:


1) Understanding God’s plan for marriage;

This Section help couples develop a deeper understanding of the purpose and value of marriage.It explores the value of marriage and how critical it is to helping individuals find God’s plan in their lives.



2) Uncovering the Value of Our Differences;

This section helps couples understand their God given differences and how unique differences can be used to bring balance in a person’s life. Couples who understand and utilize their differences with a team mindset can become stronger and more resilient to life's ups and downs.



3) Healing the Wounded Marriage;

This section helps couples who are hurting and wounded begin the path of healing in their damanged relationship. Healing is often overlooked by most couples and counselors. Couples who describe themselves as "fighting in circles" or "feeling stuck" are typically in a wounded marriage in need of healing. Couples begin to understand each others perspectives and learn about "triggers" and how they effect a couples ability to resolve conflict.



4) Learning to Communicate;

This section helps couples develop healthier communication skills and learn methods of communication that promote a deeper level of intimacy.



5) Learning to Resolve Conflict;

This section helps couples learn how to resolve conflict more effectively and develop a plan to address conflict in their relationship without further damaging their relationship.


6) Developing a Deeper Intimacy;

This final component helps couples understand the different forms of intimacy, levels of intimacy, and steps to intimacy. It has a special focus on helping couples work through any barriers, unresolved issues, and/or wounds surrounding their sexual intimacy.


Intensive Counseling Option:


Counseling sessions are available in a more intensive format when couples are in crisis and in need of an intervention to try to save their marriage.Couples who choose the intensive counseling format will attend the Marriage Forever program for 5 days with 3 to 5 hours of intensive counseling each day. Information about costs and lodging are available upon request.

Designed by Larry Bengtson, M.S.E.,L.P.C.C.